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MA94 Portable Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer

This multi-angle measurement tool is designed for consistent, precise color measurement of metallic, pearlescent, and other complex special effect finishes throughout production environments. Developed for incoming QA, manufacturing, assembly and final quality control, the unit provides 5 measurement angles giving a full range of angular viewing. The MA94 features a rugged, compact, ergonomically efficient design. Color values are obtained for the following colorimetric systems: L*a*b*, ΔL*Δa*Δb*, L*C*h˚, ΔL•ΔC*ΔH*, Flop Index, ΔFlop Index, ΔE*ab, ΔECMC, ΔE94, ΔE2000.

Color can make or break a product. Metallics, pearlescents, and other complex special effect finishes deliver limitless possibilities for enhancing product appeal. And limitless challenges as well. Duplicating complex colors from part to part is no easy task.

X-Rite has answers. Our MA94 spectrophotometer is an intelligent, hand-held tool with the power to provide reliable data on coatings for a wide range of industries.

Through a series of pressure sensors, the MA94 is able to consistently produce accurate readings on flexible and curved surfaces.

We've made it easy to use, too. There's a large color LCD screen for reading data or measurement directions, and options for USB or Bluetooth wireless data communication. A more powerful version of our MA68II device, MA94 operation is enhanced by exclusive advantages, such as X-ColorQC® software that enhances process recording, reporting, and control and a JOBs software mode that allows text or visual measurement direction to ensure consistency. All in a few keystrokes.

So now, the only limit to working with special effect finishes is your imagination.

Product Features:

•Accurate, repeatable sample positioning. Innovative user selectable pressure sensors ensure consistent sample interface on flexible or curved surfaces.
•Portable, lightweight. The unit weighs a little more than a kilogram, making it ideally suited for long-term use without discomfort.
•Rugged design. Engineered to withstand demanding production environments. Supported by an unprecedented two-year warranty.
•Bundled with X-Rite's exclusive X-Color QC™ measurement and analysis software.
•Quick reads. Consistent measurements are achieved in 2 seconds.
•Universal functionality. Universal menu icons simplify usage while eliminating language barrier.
•Program measurement position and sequence. Through software JOBs mode, workers can be given text and/or visual measurement directions to ensure consistency of measurement from shift to shift.
•Increased lamp life, reduced battery consumption. Improved illumination efficiency, results in reduced power consumption from the lamp, allowing up to 750 reads from a fully charged battery.
•Compatibility with previous X-Rite instruments. Maintaining similar optical configurations from previous generations of X-Rite instruments provides compatibility with existing data.
•International standards ready. Meets DIN and ASTM standards: ASTM D 2244, E 308, E 1164, E 2194; DIN 5033, 6174, 6175-2; ISO 7724; SAE J1545.


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Referencia Description Quotation Request
SER-CE603MA Calibration Cert. of MULTIANGLE SPECTROPHOTOMETERS 15º25º45º75º110º acc. to EN ISO 1705 Quotation Request
SER-CE603MAG Calibration Cert. of "GLOBAL" MULTIANGLE SPECTROPHOTOMETERS acc. to EN ISO 1705 Quotation Request
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