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Computrac VAPOR PRO Rx Liofilizados for moisture in lyophilized samples

Moisture meter in lyophilized samples.

Moisture analyzer, designed exclusively for pharmaceuticals Liofilizados.

No toxic chemicals or expensive reagents or glass material and in just 7 minutes substances, measured with high accuracy of up to 1 ppm moisture lyophilized and other preparations, using very small samples of 100 mg.

This innovative instrument features and traceability systems contrast with Karl Fischer method and is the "New Standard" in moisture analysis.

  • The optional calibration module uses multipoint temperature resistance temperature detector (RTD) NIST traceable up to ± 1 ° C.
  • Automatic and governed by menu operation requires minimal knowledge by the user.
  • Specific humidity sensor, eliminates volatile interferences associated with LOD technology.
  • Optional validation package in Adobe Acrobat format and validation services available.
  • Wide temperature range, programmable temperature start and test 25 to 275 ° C.
  • The security feature limits access to the program settings and instrument.
  • The self-diagnostic system alerts the operator of any instrument problems.
  • Low level detection to 110 ppm or 0.01% water.
  • No toxic reagents or specialized glasses.
  • It maintains the integrity of the sealed vial.
  • Supports multiple sizes of bottles.
  • Automatic sample loading.
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