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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

LICO Spectrofhotometers for Colour control in Liquids

Numerical colour control in liquids, raw materials, pharmacopeia, chemical products, colorants for food industry, solvents, resins, …

LICO 690 and LICO 620 offer colors results reliable, easy and fast,  both for reception control and laboratory analysis, for quality control and for R&D. Colour Scales: APHA-HAZEN (Pt/Co), GARDNER, Mineral Oil ASTM D1500, European or US Pharmacopeia, CIE L*a*b*, Lovibond Ry Rb, Absorvance, Extinction, Transmission, etc.

Lico accesories

Cuvettes, Addista colour solutions, filters, standard colours... +

Professional Spectral Colorimeter LICO 690 and LICO 620

High-performance Spectral Colorimeter for professional colour measurements of clear, transparent liquids with reference beam technology. More than 25 colour scales included. +