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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

JUST Color Viewing Light booths

Color comparison cameras for reliable evaluation of color with three, four or five illuminant. We have a wide range depending on size and number of lights. Discover it..

The camera comparison Just colors are provided with selectable light sources allowing for the highest range of complete colorimetric evaluations. These illuminants are:

  • simulated natural light D65
  • Incandescent light A (yellow bulb)
  • TL84 fluorescent light office
  • Other lights: D50 natural light, White Fluorescent CWF, UV


Choose the cabin that best suits your needs with 3 lights models, 4 or 5 lights lights, and compact, L and XL sizes.

According to the model, these cameras are equipped with controller which determines an automatic ignition sequence of the desired illuminants, scheduling your order and ignition timing.

It has an alphanumeric display, indicator illuminant in operation, and the number of hours of operation of each illuminant.

Illuminants turn on and off with a switch and the lifetime of the lamps is monitored with a digital relog.

The compact design of the camera color comparison BASIC is suitable for small or medium, regardless of the material or samples intended purpose.

L and XL sizes can look much larger samples.


Referencia Description Quotation Request
1550600 JUST 3 color matching booth (D65/A/TL-84) Quotation Request
1550300 JUST PJC/CVL4 color matching booth Quotation Request
1550500 JUST PJC/CVL5E color matching booth Quotation Request
1550950 Quotation Request
1550951 Quotation Request


Maintenance service and calibration

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