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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

Retroreflectometers – Road Marking and Signs

Retroreflectometers allow you to check that signs and road markings are visible by drivers both night and day, and help to maintain proper road safety.

DELTA made the GRX retroreflectometer for Traffic Signs, as well as LTL-XL to measure the retroreflection in road marking with great precision and confort. DELTA is probably the leader in road marking control, and it’s approved and recommended by many laboratories, engineering and monitoring centers. DELTA is accredited to ISO 17025 calibrations, suplying the Instruments with official certificates that ensure the results to official reports and complying with the information required for the Administration.


A new generation of road marking retroreflectometer. It´s based on the latest technological developments and with modern design and materials. Very easy to calibrate and operate. RL and Qd retroreflectometer measurements. +


Portable retroreflectometer for RL and Qd. Tightly dimensioned design, lightweight and durable materials combined with the latest technology make the LTL3000 a very easy to use portable retroreflectometer. Just measure and go. +

RetroSign GRX retrorreflectometer

RetroSign family of instruments the most frequently used Retroreflectometer for signs. +

LTL-M mobile retroreflectometer

Handheld retroreflectometers are today the only instruments being accurate enough and accepted for contractual valid measurements of road markings +

Marking Thickness Gauge MTG

DELTA Marking Thickness Gauge measures the thickness of the paint and thermoplastic of pavement markings (to 12,7 mm). Designed for field work, easy to handle, robust construction and ergonomic design. +