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MA-T multi-angle spectrophotometer

The MA-T family sets a new industry standard for measurement of effect finishes, capturing color, sparkle and coarseness with greater repeatability, reproducibility, and ease of use than ever before.

The most advanced range of multi-angle spectrophotometers available today, the MA-T family combines color imaging with multi-angle measurement to deliver the most complete characterization of color, sparkle, and coarseness. Users can specify and measure effect finishes across a variety of applications, from automotive paint to plastics and metals, with more precision than ever possible. EFX QC cloud-based software simplifies the process of communicating tolerances and measurement methods across distributed supply chains. New visual tools enable real-time performance monitoring and deliver actionable insights for troubleshooting to reduce downtime, waste, and rework. 

1. Define and control extreme effect finishes.
The MA-T can capture color, sparkle, and coarseness with industry-leading repeatability and reproducibility, reducing defects and ensuring a more efficient quality assurance program.

2. Achieve accurate visual results.
Featuring an RGB camera and white light illumination, the MA-T offers the most accurate capture of special effect finishes and provides quantifiable results that match the way the human eye perceives color.

3. Measure with greater precision.
The MA-T offers an intuitive and easy to use design. The centrally located aperture and 3 positioning pins ensure stable measurements, while the touch screen navigation makes operation simple. Best of all, a real-time preview of the measurement area ensures your measurement target is exactly where you want it to be.

4. Monitor and share real-time performance.
Included with the MA-T6 and MA-T12, EFX QC is a cloud-based software solution that offers new visual tools, including performance trend charts and stored measurement images. It also provides real-time performance monitoring and actionable insights to help troubleshooting out-of-tolerance colors. Since it is a cloud-based solution, you can share all of this information across your distributed supply chains.

The MA-T advanced multi-angle spectrophotometer comes in two models.

The MA-T6 offers the ability to characterize effect finishes across a variety of applications using six angles of measurement coupled with color imaging.

With the MA-T12, you can fully characterize and measure color shifting pigments across a variety of applications through 12 measurement angles and color imaging, enabling the most complete characterization of today’s extreme effect materials.


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XR-MAT6S MA-T6 Multi-angle spectrophotometer , with Software QC Quotation Request
XR-MAT12S M-T12 Multi-angle spectrophotometer , with Software QC Quotation Request

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