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MetaVue™ VS3200

Non-contact imaging spectrophotometer MetaVue™ VS3200 brings versatility and accuracy to color measurement of wet and dry paints, liquids, powders, gels and plastic samples for improved color formulation and quality control.

  • Provides precise color matches with an advanced smart spot image feature that matches color, taking into consideration the impact of texture and other appearance effects that typically skew measurements of materials like carpet, vinyl, or fabric.
  • Ensures accuracy of a variety of measurements on both small and odd-shaped through the use of an on-screen digital targeting function that helps the operator confirm that MetaVue is measuring the exact spot desired.
  • Delivers the ultimate in versatility with an adjustable aperture size, ranging from 2mm to 12mm, and the ability to measure exact dominant colors from multi-colored samples.
  • Features an easy-to-use interface with a live video preview of the actual sample and a measurement button on the instrument, reducing mistakes and waste amongst all paint associates, regardless of their level of experience.
  • Integrates with X-Rite ColorDesigner PLUS for fast formulation of accurate paint recipes and storage of custom paint recipes for repeat customers.

The new MetaVue from X-Rite offers the ultimate in accuracy, across a wide array of samples, including carpet, vinyl, fabric, or even wood trim. It will quickly set your paint counter apart from the competition with its increased versatility and ease of use, creating a precise paint formulation on the first try.


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ASTM D2244, ASTM E179, ASTM E308, ASTM E1164, CIE 15, DIN 5033 Teil 7, DIN 5036, DIN 6174, ISO 7724, JIS Z 8722

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