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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

Spectrophotometers x-rite

Portable Spectrophotometers, Bench top, without contact, Reflection / Transmission, Multi-Angle, On-line, x-rite is the leader in color instruments.

x-rite spectrophotometers are present in all industries that control Appearance and Colour. 

Design, Quality, Precision, Reliability, Durability and Service


MetaVue™ VS3200

Non-contact imaging spectrophotometer MetaVue™ VS3200 brings versatility and accuracy to color measurement of wet and dry paints, liquids, powders, gels and plastic samples for improved color formulation and quality control. +

MA-T multi-angle spectrophotometer

The MA-T family sets a new industry standard for measurement of effect finishes, capturing color, sparkle and coarseness with greater repeatability, reproducibility, and ease of use than ever before. +

Portable Spectrophotometers Ci60, Ci62, Ci64 (d/8º)

The handheld spectriophotometers Ci60, Ci62 y Ci64 from X-Rite, with sphere difussion geometry d/8º and specular component included / excluded , to measure the color autonomously in CIE Lab, dE * , metameria , etc. With option to connect with iQC quality control and iMatch formulation and color correction software. +

Portable Imaging Spectrocolorimeter RM200QC

The X-Rite RM200QC Imaging Spectrocolorimeter bridges the gap between color appearance and material color — from incoming material batches to outgoing product shipments — in an elegant, portable unit that fits comfortably in your hand. +

Benchtop Spectrophotometer Ci7X00 Series

From concept through final product, color accuracy across the entire supply chain is the optimal goal. Whether you are in textiles and apparel, paint and coatings, or plastics, you can bring the full weight of X-Rite’s color measurement and management expertise to bear on your color network when you invest in the next generation of X-Rite benchtop spectrophotometers. +

Compact Benchtop Spectrophotometer Ci4200 / Ci4200 UV for industrial applications

X-Rite introduces the new Ci4200, a reliable and accurate compact benchtop spectrophotometer. This easy to use compact sphere benchtop is a great solution for those looking at improving or upgrading their current color quality control program, especially when combined with color QC and formulation software applications. +

VS450 non-contact spectrophotometer (45/0º)

X-Rite VS450 is a desktop spectrophotometer , contactless and geometry 45/0 ° , designed to measure in dry and wet samples without contaminating cosmetics, paints, plastics, powders, food , etc. A revolution in quality control and R & D. CIE Lab, dE * , correlation wet-dry. +

VeriColor Spectro

Accurate and affordable, VeriColor Spectro is compact and durable for harsh industrial manufacturing applications. And by rejecting ambient light, no special lighting or shrouding is required with this all-inclusive solution. +

eXact portable spectro densitometer (45/0º)

X-Rite eXact is the next generation handheld color measurement solution that takes into account the new business needs and dynamics of a global supply chain. eXact enables printers to control and manage color throughout the entire network, and to ensure maximum color accuracy in dE * and CMYK density . Measuring aperture size from 2mm to 6mm. +

Serie 960 0°/45° Portable Spectrophotometer

The 960 Portable 0/45 Spectrophotometer allows you to obtain absolute and difference measurements in the lab, plant, or field for a wide range of colorimetric systems, including: CIE XYZ, CIE Yxy, CIE LAB, Hunter LAB, CIE LCH, CMC, CIE94, Whiteness and Yellowness per ASTM E313-98, Metamerism Index and DIN 6172. +

Spectrodensitometers 504 and 508

X-Rite 500 spectrodensitometers series measure density, in CMYK , percentage and dot gain. Opening size 2mm 6mm . Ideal for controlling the amount of ink in printing machines . +

Color iQC, Color Quality Control Software

A flexible, job-oriented software package that streamlines color measurement, reporting and recording to maintain a centralized, cost-efficient process. +

Ink Formulation Software

Total solution for your ink formulation needs. InkFormulation software provides a fast, accurate and consistent ink formulation, formula creation, storage, approval and retrieval solution for offset, flexographic, gravure and screen-printing inks. The new InkFormulation 6 software gives ink suppliers and printers more flexibility over recipes and assortments, improves basic materials handling, automatically determines the right ink film thickness and helps to eliminate hazardous waste. +

Color iMatch, color formulation software

An intelligent solution for formulating paint, plastics, or textiles, this package enables quick, accurate color analysis and the capability to optimize every formula for cost and color accuracy. Available in four levels for specific formulation requirements. +