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Equipos y ensayos para control de calidad

OCA 25

The all-purpose measuring device for contact angle measurementsand the drop shape analysis

For large samples the OCA 25L is equipped with long x- and y-axis. To cope with special requirements of the measuring environment e.g. for aeronautic or enhanced oil recovery research, special models of the OCA 25 are available to measure at high temperatures, low or high pressures.

The OCA 25-HTV 1800 allows for measurements of contact angles in a high temperature furnace at temperatures of up to 1800 °C and under vacuum down to 10-5 mbar or inert gas atmosphere respectively

The OCA 25-PMC 750 allows for measurements of interfacial tension and contact angles under high pressure (up to 750 bar) and high temperature conditions (up to 200 °C).


Main features:

  • sample table adjustable in all three axis with precision mechanics
  • high performance 6-times zoom lens
  • integrated continuous fine focus, and adjustable observation angle
  • video measuring system with USB 3.0 camera (max. 1220 frames/s), high-speed camera easily upgradable (up to 3000 frames/s)
  • LED-lighting with manual and software controlled intensity including automatic temperature drift compensation



The SCA software is the modular program for all OCA instruments. The available software modules for the OCA 25 are:

  • SCA 20 — contact angle
  • SCA 21 — surface free energy
  • SCA 22 — surface/interfacial tension
  • SCA 23 — liquid bridge analysis
  • SCA 26 — oscillation / relaxation

Learn more about the SCA modules.



Due to our modular product philosophy the OCA 25 can be combined with all options of the versatile OCA accessories range. 
Learn more about the available accessories.

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