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Equipos y ensayos para control de calidad


Software modular para todos los instrumentos OCA.

The SCA software assists you in the intuitive use of all OCA instruments. DataPhysics Instruments has specialised in the development of highly precise and reliable methods for evaluating drop contours in combination with statistical error analysis. The SCA software is designed as a modular program for Microsoft Windows®operating systems. The available software modules are:

SCA 20 - contact angle

  • Wafer mapping
  • control of electronic syringe modules, tilting and turn tables and all other software controlable modules within the OCA accessory range.
  • video based measurement and presentation of the static and dynamic contact angle according to the “Sessile & Captive Drop-method” on plan, convex, and concave surfaces.
  • automated measurement of the contact angle hysteresis.
  • recording of movie sequences.
  • statistics and measurement error analysis.
  • gas and liquid database with more than 170 records for all surface energy analysis methods including related citations.

SCA 21 - surface free energy

  • Analysis of the wetting properties of printing ink
  • analysis of the surface free energy of solids, as well as the contributing components (e.g. dispersive, polar and hydrogen bond parts, acid and base portions, respectively) according to nine different theories.
  • calculation and representation of wetting envelopes and work of adhesion/contact angle diagrams.

SCA 22 - surface and interfacial tension

  • Measurement of the surface tension of a molten aluminium droplet

analysis of surface and interfacial tension, as well as the polar and dispersive contributions, based on the analysis of the drop shape (pendant drop method)

SCA 23 - liquid bridge analysis

  • Measurement of the interfacial tension of molten glass
  • analysis of the surface and interfacial tension based on the evaluation of the lamella contour
  • innovative liquid bridge analysis of 3 phase systems

SCA 26 — oscillation / relaxation

  • Determination of the interfacial dilatational modulus
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