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Equipos y ensayos para control de calidad

Software SITA Lab Solution

Labororatory automation for our tensiometer series SITA pro line und SITA science line and management of measuring data.


Automation of laboratory measurements and active ingradient analyses
  • Controlling a wide range of accessories(Buerette, magnetic stirrer, thermostat, etc.)
  • Coordination of devices in individual steps of the process
  • Handling of recurrent measuring and controlling tasks
Controlling SITA tensiometer for computer controlled recording of measuring data
  • Tensiometer series pro line and science line
  • Comfortable setting of measuring parameters
Conducting and managing userdefined measuring sequences (experiments), single measurements and measuring results
Recording of measuring data from different SITA tensiometer or importing them from device storage
Creating comparison charts using additional sources (e.g. different measurements/experiments or important measuring data from SITA tensiometers)
Creating and printing reports
Export to Excel
saving function for measuring data and comparison graphs
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Servicio de mantenimiento y calibración

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