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Equipos y ensayos para control de calidad

Spinning Drop

The spinning drop video tensio­meter SVT 20N is a special purpose optical instrument for measuring extremely low interfacial tensions. For the analysis of surfactant effectiveness in the development of emulsions or in the enhanced oil recovery.

SVT 20 N

The spinning drop video tensio­meter, SVT 20N, is a special purpose optical instrument for measuring of conventional to extremely low interfacial tensions. +

SVTS Software

In defining easy or complex measuring procedures, the data collection and their analysis, the user of the SVT system is being supported by the intuitive SVTS software. +

Accesorios SVT 20N

A selection of the most important accessories for the SVT 20N. +


Liquid/gas temperature or Peltier/gas temperature controlled measuring cells. +


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