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Equipos y ensayos para control de calidad

SVTS Software

In defining easy or complex measuring procedures, the data collection and their analysis, the user of the SVT system is being supported by the intuitive SVTS software.


Especially the software module SVTS 20 profits from the developed know-how of precise and reliable methods of drop shape analysis that is encorporated in the optical contact angle measuring instruments of DataPhysics Instruments. The SVTS software was developed as a modular multi threaded program for modern multi-core processors under Windows ®.

The available modules are:


Basic software for control of the SVT 20 and the measurement of the interfacial tension.

  • Video based measurement and presentation of the time and temperature dependent interfacial tension.
  • Presentation of measurement values as well as the storage of video sequences for the calculation of fast processes.
  • Control of the rotational speed and the inclination of the tilting base with the measuring cell and the camera position.
  • Calculation of the interfacial tension based on spinning drop contours according to three different theories, including the Young-Laplace method.
  • Automatic calibration of the magnification of the drop.
  • Automatic “drop hold” function.
  • Automatic temperature recording.
  • Automatic compensation of density and refractive index as well as of temperature dependent changes.
  • Statistical evaluations and error analysis.
  • Liquids database.


Extension module for oscillation/relaxation.

  • calculation of surface and interfacial tension, based on spinning drop contours, predefined speed increments and sinusoidal speed variations for relaxation measurements.
  • recording and evaluation of video sequences, for analyzing fast relaxational oscillations and elongations of drops
  • determination of dilatational interfacial elasticity of visco-elastic and visco-plastic materials.


Extension module for analysis of membrane covered and encapsulated spinning drops.

  • Determination of deformation and elasticity parameters of membrane covered or encapsulated spinning drops with contours deviating from corresponding Young-Laplace shapes.
  • Calculation of the effective deformation in relation to spherical or ellipsoidal rest or reference contours.
  • Calculation of centrifugal stresses as a measure of the membrane or capsule loads.
  • Calculation of membrane or capsule elasticity parameters from the effective deformation measure and the centrifugal stress.
  • Volume calculation by numerical integration over arbitrary, even strongly deformed but still axis symmetric drop or capsule contours.


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