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Equipos y ensayos para control de calidad

Accesorios DCAT

The tensiometers from DataPhysics Instruments can be applied, with the inclusion of a range of standard accessories, to a wide range of measuring situations and sample geometries. The DCAT accessory range provides solutions suitable for the diverse needs of our users, whether for films, sheets, fibres, powders, or magnetic and fabric materials.

Temperature control units

The DCAT systems can be combined with different temperature contol units.

Liquid handling

Here you will wind all you need for the dosage and handling of liquids used in a DCAT system

Sample holders and measuring bodies

A great variety of sample geometries can be adapted to the tensiometers of the DCAT series. Wheteher for films, plates, fibres, fibre bundles, woven and non-woven threads, pigments, powders or for magnetic materials, you will find a suitable solution here.

Special accessories

In close cooperation with customers, research institutes and universities we have developed specific accesories to complement the DCAT meassuring instruments.

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