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Equipos y ensayos para control de calidad


The dynamic contact angle measuring instrument and tensiometer DCAT 21SF is a special variant of the successful DCAT 21. It includes a balance with even higher accuracy to provide a resolution of up to 0.1 μg during measurements with single fibres. Please note that the high resolution balance requires a vibration free environment.


Main features

  • high-precision electrodynamic compensation weighing system, designed for measurements with single fibres, with automatic calibration and max. resolution of 0.1 µg
  • software controlled, motor-driven height positioning of the sample receptacles with variable speed
  • automatic coupling lock for the balance
  • illuminated sample chamber with inert gas or vapor inlet
  • integrated magnetic stirrer
  • digital thermometer with connections for two Pt 100 temperature sensors
  • display for weighing data, temperature and device information
  • expandable with special accessory Langmuir through module



The DCATSoftware is available in various discretely usable modules. The available software modules for the DCAT 21SF are:

  • DCATS 31 — surface/interfacial tension
  • DCATS 32 — dynamic contact angle
  • DCATS 33 — CMC
  • DCATS 34 — liquid density
  • DCATS 38 — surface pressure

Learn more about the DCATS modules.



Due to our modular product philosophy the DCAT 21SF can be combined with a multitude of options of the versatile DCAT accessories range.

Learn more about the available accessories.

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