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Maintenance and Repair Conditions



It is an absolutely essential requirement to have the acceptance of the quotation and its GENERAL TERMS (via fax, email or other means) for the execution of the quoted services.

The acceptance of this quote implies the acceptance of NEURTEK’s General Terms for the Maintenance and Repair Service.

The receipt of the equipment in NEURTEK’s facilities presupposes the acceptance of the quote.
The validity period for this quote is 3 months.


The prices featured in this quote are indicated in EUROS and do not include VAT. Payment terms: With usual clients, those negotiated, with new clients, in cash.


3.1 Equipment Subject to a Maintenance Contract:

Any breakdown which arises outside the inspection indicated in the maintenance contract will be given preferential Support treatment by NEURTEK with regard to response time.

The following will be invoiced separately:

  • Additional costs incurred by the lack of spare parts on site and other costs and spare parts not considered in this agreement.
  • Breakdowns or damaged parts during undue, intentional handling caused by damage or natural disasters; as well as “false breakdowns” attributable to lack of experience in the handling of the equipment.

3.2 Equipment without a Maintenance Contract:

Notification to the client within a maximum of 2 days to specify the support date and its needs, in the event of requiring any spare part not in stock the client will be kept informed at all times of the spare part situation.


The equipment and machines must be free of any device fitted by the client in order to perform their tests, as well as there being sufficient space around the equipment to be able to access the required parts.

If, for their normal operation, the equipment or machines require additional equipment which is not going to be inspected during maintenance, and which does not leave space around the equipment or machine, it must be removed by the client for the day of the intervention. If, by not doing so, maintenance is delayed, the extra hours will be invoiced separately.

Any extra support which has to be performed as the result of not being able to perform the maintenance on the agreed date, due to non-compliance with the previous point, will be invoiced separately.

The date will be the one agreed to with the client upon signing the contract, provided there is no problem with the stock of materials, in which case, it would be coordinated as required.


5.1 Repair:

Repair dates, depending on the technicians’ workload and the stock of the material required, will be as soon as possible, whilst keeping the client informed of the schedule at all times.

5.2 Maintenance:

The date for performing maintenance will be agreed to along with the client, with a minimum of 1 month before taking place.

5.3 Urgent Maintenance:

These cases will  have a surcharge applied of 50% on the usual price of manpower for the real hours. If this action is required as the result of a machine breakdown, any repair activity for the aforementioned breakdown, plus the additional costs incurred by it, will be invoiced separately.