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Test the substrate, paint film adhesion with digital or cross cut adhesion tester.

Cross Cut tester NK2000

The new tester benefits from the ergonomic design of the handle. It features improved surface adaptability for curved surfaces and usability. +


Dollies for adherence tests in coatings, galvanic films and building materials. +

Pull / Push Adhesion, Electronic Adhesion Tester KN-10

Equipment developed to measure the adhesion of paint films, coatings and building materials on top of any substrate. +

Multifunctional Master Paint Plate

The multifunctional Paint Plate is a very practical instrument for users, inspectors and professionals in the coating field. This pocket sized instrument allows to check the following parameters:Fresh film thickness, Progressive film application, Adherence, Checking the rounding of the edges (insufficient covering), assessment of the viscosity, thickness of glass. +

PosiTest AT-A Automatic

Pull-off adhesion tester. With electronically controlled hydraulic pump. Measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other rigid substrates. +

PosiTest AT-M Manual

Pull-off Adhesion Testers. Manual hydraulic pump designed. +