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Pull / Push Adhesion, Electronic Adhesion Tester KN-10

Equipment developed to measure the adhesion of paint films, coatings and building materials on top of any substrate.

The pull-out adhesion test determines the adhesion of the coating by measuring the pull-out force required to remove the dolly from the coating. 

The KN-10 is a precision electronic instrument, with digital indicator, to carry out this test on paint coatings and galvanic layers and on building materials, using 20 and 50 mm diameter dollies, respectively.

It includes interesting applications such as adherence of paints and coatings on facades, the plaster work of interiors, tiles and stone treatments, it can also be used to accurately find out the suitability of pre-treatments, sufrace cleaning methods and products used.


  • Automatic calibration and scalling by microprocessor.
  • Scales or units: Kgf and Kg/cm2 (dollies 20 and 500 mm diameter)
  • Range de measurement: from 5 to 1,000 Kgf. (10KN. 300 Kg/cm2, 30 MPa)


Referencia Description Quotation Request
0302600 Digital Adhesion Tester KN-10, Ø20 mm Spare Dollies - Coating test Quotation Request
0302700 Digital Adhesion Tester KN-10, Ø50 mm Spare Dollies - Building test Quotation Request


Referencia Description Quotation Request
SER-CT013 Calibration Cert. with traceability for ADHESION TESTER (1 scale) Quotation Request


Referencia Description Quotation Request
0302901-100 Spare Dollies Ø20 mm, pack 100 unitç Quotation Request
0302901-50 Spare Dollies Ø20 mm, pack 50 unit Quotation Request
0302901-25 Spare Dollies Ø20 mm, pack 25 unit Quotation Request
0302902-30 Spare Dollies Ø50 mm, pack 30 unit Quotation Request
0302902-10 Spare Dollies Ø50 mm, pack 10 unit Quotation Request
0302601 Building Material Kit for digital adhesion tester ref.0302600 Quotation Request
0302701 Conversion Kit for digital adhesion tester for coating test Quotation Request
0302903 Dolly drill D.20mm for Adhesion Tester Quotation Request
0302904 Dolly drill D. 54mm for Adhesion Tester Quotation Request


Para recubrimientos pintura: UNE EN 24624, ISO 4624-78, ASTM D 4541-95 y UNE EN 1015-12 para morteros

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