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Film applicators

Manual, and automatic film applicator, spiral bars, baker, bird and queadruplex applicator.

One of the keys to laboratory testing is to prepare and play the samples with a controlled and uniform thickness.

The ideal system is an automatic applicator, with a motorized speed, variable, and where you can attach the manual applicators.
Essential to maintain a system of colorimetry.

On manual applicators, the homogeneous and accurate film is perfomed with application bar. The rest of applicators are more flexible and can be regular or choose thicknesses, and end up being more economical and practical in some cases.

Film Application Table

Film Application Tables designed to darw down sample coatings on test charts with a high degree of reproducibility. +

ATX Automatic Applicator

NEURTEK´s ATX automatic equipment ensures linear motion and application of the film with repetitive and high quality results, thus avoiding variable factors. +

Wire bar coaters

These bars are ideal for the application of inks and coatings onto flexible materials such as paper, card, textiles, leather etc. +

Bird film applicator

Bird type film applicator with four standard coat application heights: 50, 100, 150 and 200 microns. +

Quadrangular Applicator

Paint spreader of constant coat thickness. Can be supplied in 6 standard versions, each with four groove depths or coat thicknesses. Standard effective width is 60mm, but special widths and micrometric thicknesses will be manufactured to order. +

Automatic Film Applicators

With its large choice of film applicators, uniform coats and excellent repeatability will be achieved. Indispensable for correct colour formulation. Speed application and travel length electronically controlled. +

Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator

Wet film applicator with two built-in metric micrometer heads for adjusting the knife blade so that clearances of the blade can be accurately set from 0-8mm in 10 micron (0.01 mm) increments. +

Baker Universal Applicator

Film applicator with variable height adjustable through and eccentric and graduated drum. Coat thickness adjustable from 0 to 250 microns. +

Baker Applicator

Film applicator of constant coat thickness, with four pre-defined coat application heights. +