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Automatic Film Applicators

With its large choice of film applicators, uniform coats and excellent repeatability will be achieved. Indispensable for correct colour formulation. Speed application and travel length electronically controlled.

The Motorised Automatic film applicator or drawdown machine provides a reliable basis to apply coating films to test charts, panels or foils in a uniform and reproducible way in order to eliminate variations caused by human factors. Variations in speed, pressure and direction of draw down cause irregularities. Other factors that may influence the result are the shear rate and the weight of the applicator. With the Automatic film applicator these variable factors are being stabilised. Over the complete surface the film thickness is even.
To pre-pare samples for testing rheological properties, abrasion resistance, hiding power and gloss the Motorised Automatic film applicator is a must have. Motorised Film Applicators are also used in the adhesives industry.

Multiple types of automatic film applicators are available for either glass/paper/metal substrates or foils. All models can be used in combination with standard block type film applicators such as bird/baker models,sagging and levelling testers or spiral bar type film applicators (wire wound rod type).


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TQC-AB3120 Automatic Film Applicator with glass bed Quotation Request


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