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Persoz & König Pendulum Hardness Tester

Device developed for paints and inks superficial hardness measurement.

The hardness is measured by the number of oscillations that a pendulum makes between two predetermined angles. The angles are 12º for the Persoz test and 6º for the König test.

The device is provided with the Persoz system although it allows the incorporation of the König pendulum too. It is possible to work with both pendulums indistinctly with just a simple commutation in the electronic box of the control. The König pendulum is provided separately, although the device is programmed to work with both systems.

The system has a metacrilate box for draft protection and a remote control to start the test.


Referencia Description Quotation Request
0300110 Persoz Pendulum Hardness tester (Complete equipment) Quotation Request
0300120 König Pendulum (Complete equipment) Quotation Request


UNE EN ISO 1522, DIN 53157, ASTM D4366.

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