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Impact tester

Impact tester for coating, varnish and reflective sheetings. Standard ISO, DIN and ASTM.

Impact tester for paint

Impact test of paint coatings applied to metal base. ISO, DIN, ASTM. +

Hand-Held Enamel Impact Tester

Hand-Held Impact Tester, for impact resistance test of flat or curved vitrified enamel covered surfaces according to WAGNER, in accordance with DIN 51155 and ISO 4532 norms, and of “HPL” high pressure decorative laminated (films of cellulosed fiber impregnated with thermostable resins), this is interior furnishing, according to EN ISO 438-2. +

Stain stell ball for decorative laminates

Stain steel ball, Ø 42,8mm and 324 gr weight, complied with UNE EN 438-2 for decorative laminates, on the impact section. +