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Data acquisition

Squirre loggerl from 4 channels to measure temperature, humidity, current, voltage, resistance and other parameters, plus 8 digital channels. USB computer connection.

Squirrel 2010 data logger

The Squirrel 2010 is a versatile, general purpose logger, with 4 to 8 analogue input channels to measure current, voltage, resistance and temperature, plus 8 digital channels. +

Squirrel 2020 data logger series

Squirrel 2020 series offers high performance universal data loggers packed with powerful features to provide great flexibility to handle a wide range of routine and demanding applications. +

Squirrel 2040 data logger series

The Squirrel 2040 series provide high performance universal data loggers packed with the same powerful features as the Squirrel 2020 series with additional high speed logging on up to four channels and twice as many universal input channels. +


Real-time data recording and capture. +