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Thermometers Thermocouple And PT100, Thermistor, Contact, Infrared, etc, with great precision and resolution. For all types of applications.

K-Type Waterproof Thermocouple Thermometer

HI 935005N is a waterproof, K-type thermometer offering accurate temperature measurements in a wide range as well as a 1600 hours of battery life. This unit displays current temperature along with the minimum and maximum values achieved during the measuring session on the LCD. The HOLD button freezes the display to allow the user time to record readings. The °C/°F button switches between the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scale. The CLEAR button restarts the evaluation of high and low values. HI 935005N features a user-activated backlight for low or no light conditions. A CAL button to allow the operator a simple one point calibration in an ice bath at 0°C when probe interchange occurs. The instrument is equipped with BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System) which alerts the user in the event that low battery power could adversely affect readings. A wide variety of interchangeable probes are available to meet your specific needs. Optional rubber boots are available. +

MiniSight, handheld IR thermometer

Smart flyweights with high precision optics Wide temperature ranges of -32 to 760°C, laser aiming and optical resolutions of up to 40:1 allow technicians to carry out accurate noncontact surface measurements for electrical and mechanical maintenance, HVAC checks, automotive testing and other applications, anywhere that temperature is a factor. +

Tab Mount Surface Thermometer

Two types of tabs are available for these thermometers. Tab 1 is for on-surface mounting and Tab 2 for in-surface mounting. The drawings show both methods of mounting. For in-surface mounting, a hole, -1/8", in diameter by 1/4" deep is machined in the part to be measured. Holes also need to be drilled for mounting screws. The tabs are provided with holes for the screws. Ancillary hands are available for both Tab 1 and Tab 2 Models and are designated by adding an "L" to the model number (eg. 312F T1L would be a 0°F to 250°F thermometer with Tab 1 mounting and an ancillary hand) +