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Film thickness meters from DEFELSKO, LIST and COATMASTER for dry or wet coatings, on ferrous or non ferrous substrates and any other material. Non contact thickness measurement.

The coating thickness is one of the keys to ensuring the quality and durability of both the coating and the substrate.

There are a variety of equipment for measuring the thickness of dry coating, almost all digital probe integrated into the equipment to get a good size and ergonomy or with extensible probe to reach difficult places or for attaching special probes. The simplest and most common equipment is the FE model for iron and steel. To measure on other metals (aluminum, etc.). You can choose a specific equipment only non-magnetic metal (N) or a Combo or FN for measurements on magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

For the measurement of non-metallic coatings on substrates is necessary to use ultrasound equipment or systems such as PIG destructive. Another important technique is to measure the thickness on wet before it dries. The method is not accurate, but is indicative of the final result without having to wait for complete drying. There are several methods, from the usual comb to the rulin or Pfund.