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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

Calibration Terms



It is an absolutely essential requirement to have the acceptance of the quotation and its GENERAL TERMS (via fax, email or other means) for the execution of the quoted services.

The acceptance of this quote implies the acceptance of NEURTEK’s General Terms for the Calibration Service.

The receipt of the equipment in NEURTEK’s facilities presupposes the acceptance of the quote.

The validity period for this quote is 3 months.


The prices featured in this quote are indicated in EUROS and do not include VAT. Payment terms: With usual clients, those negotiated, with new clients, in cash.


The transport costs (shipment and return) and the insurance for the equipment will be borne by the applicant.

NEURTEK assumes no liability for the possible damage or flaws which the equipment could suffer during its transport, notifying the applicant, as soon as possible, of any damage or flaw suffered by it during the transport to our premises.

NEURTEK offers to manage the transport for you. If you are interested, you can contact us for more information by calling 902 82 00 82.

Unless expressly notified, the return of the equipment will be done by the same transport means as shipped and as freight collect.


The equipment will have to be delivered along with a delivery note or order, with details of its number and the accompanying accessories (batteries, connection cables, chargers, etc.). The electronic equipment will have to be in good use conditions, duly identified (brand, model and serial no.) and be accompanied by its technical operation and service documentation in a comprehensible format.

Reference to this present quote will be highlighted on the shipping note and/or on the packaging.

We must be informed of the shipment of equipment with limited autonomy, or that requiring special storage, maintenance and/or operation conditions in order to take the opportune measures.


The planned time is established as from the start of work and this will start on the day following its receipt unless the equipment is incomplete, broken or for urgent requests. The work requested as urgent could be subject to a surcharge of 60% as the result of the extraordinary resources which may be required to execute the work. Please consult the availability and price of this service for each specific piece of equipment.


The calibration will be carried out according to the procedures established by NEURTEK and in accordance with the accreditation granted by ENAC. The measurement scope and optimum capacities (uncertainty) are featured at

If you would like the equipment to be calibrated at specific points, you will have to notify us in writing. Otherwise, NEURTEK will perform the calibration according to the established methods or conditions. If the calibration has been offered for different ranges or scales, the selected option will be clearly indicated.

NEURTEK assumes no liability for damage suffered by equipment during the process under the conditions indicated by the applicant or outside the methodology established by the laboratory.

In those cases where the calibration of equipment cannot be performed due to breakdown, a fault or other causes not attributable to NEURTEK, the amount of €35 will be invoiced for the calibration attempt carried out, except for cases of calibration on site where manpower will be charged for the time taken and travel costs will be included if they have been incurred exclusively for this work.

The calibration costs DO NOT include adjustment, unless for equipment where it is expressly indicated in the quote. If an adjustment or repair were required, the required time will be determined and its repercussion on the calibration cost will be taken into account. Authorisation will be requested and a preliminary quote will be drawn up if required. The error prior to the adjustment will be featured on the calibration certificate.


The equipment to be calibrated must be available on the planned date.

If, on the date our technicians are deployed, and for reasons not attributable to NEURTEK (such as a lack of information by the client regarding the access requirements to the facilities) the calibration cannot be performed, the deployment will be declared as void and 30% of the calibration price will be invoiced and all of the deployment expenses quoted.

The client company will designate a qualified technician who will be available for NEURTEK staff whilst the work is being undertaken in order to assume responsibility for:

a) Handling the installation during the test execution according to the guidelines indicated by the NEURTEK technician.

b) Providing all the information required for performing the test, as well as the safety information applied to said installation.

c) Commissioning of the installation for its subsequent use (specific case of autoclaves: verification of the tightening of fittings, verification that the materials used or access by staff do not contaminate the installation, etc.).

It is the client’s responsibility to comply with Royal Decree 171/2004 on the Coordination of Business Activities which is provided by article 24 of Law 31/1995 on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, in particular the requirement for information for NEURTEK staff as to the risks and safety measures associated with the work to be undertaken in your facilities.

7.1. Special Conditions for Climatic Chambers:

a) Calibration conditions for chambers with an interior volume of ≤ 1,000 litres: A maximum of 9 temperature probes will be used and a maximum of 2 h of stabilisation + 45’ for data capture at each point, with repetitions. The certificate will reflect the temperature indication, stability and uniformity data and the relative humidity indication and stability.

b) Stabilisation times: Please consult prices for tests with longer stabilisation periods.

c) Load: The calibration will be performed without load or with load (the latter at the client’s express request). All the loading and unloading operations will be performed by the client’s own staff and, in any case, under the client’s responsibility.

d) Environmental conditions: The environmental conditions during the calibration will be those present in the installation location of the equipment to be calibrated. In any case, the temperature must be maintained within the range of 23ºC ± 5 ºC and the relative humidity must be less than 65% rh.


The calibration results will be compiled in a calibration certificate on behalf of the applicant or entity or physical person indicated by the applicant. The calibration certificates and their corresponding registers are considered by NEURTEK as confidential and secret material, not providing third parties with information unless with the written authorisation of the material petitioner or in the cases provided for by law.

NEURTEK will send the calibration certificates in a PDF format with a recognised digital signature or in paper format along with the Calibration Label.


Once sent to the client, if the client requests a reissuing of the certificate at a later date due to loss or for not having correctly indicated the certificate details in the QUOTE ACCEPTANCE enclosed, the amount of €20 will be invoiced per certificate. In the event of requesting a new Calibration Label €2 extra will be invoiced per label.