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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i


Cupping tester and bend mandrels for flexibility test.

Automatic cupping tester

Cupping tester to perform a cupping test on coated steel panels to define the resistance of paint, varnish or related products to cracking and/or detachment from a metal substrate when subjected to gradual deformation by indentation under standard conditions. +

Conical Mandrel Bend Tester

conical mandrel tester is used in the determination of elasticity, adhesion and elongation of paint on sheet metal. The specimen can be bent on part of or along the entire length of the mandrel, and the results (cracks) corresponding to different test diameters can be observed in a single operation. +

Cylindrical Mandrels

This cylindrical mandrel bend tester consists of a robust frame which has a bending lever, with height adjustable rollers and a sliding vice for the sample. Thanks to its design, the instrument can be adapted to the diameter of the mandrel used are bent perfectly and regularly over the mandrels +

Cupping Tester

Manual cupping tester to determine the resistance of coatings of paints, varnishes and related products to cracking or adhesion of the substrate in different deformation conditions, according to UNE-EN ISO 1520. +