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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

Coating Test Equipment

Adherence, Film Applicators, Abrasion, Washability and friction, Contrast test cards, Hardness...


Viscosity cups, UNE ISO , Ford, DIN, Zahn, rotational viscometers, Krebs-stormer, cone-plate viscosity oils or patterns.


Film thickness meters from DEFELSKO, LIST and COATMASTER for dry or wet coatings, on ferrous or non ferrous substrates and any other material. Non contact thickness measurement.

Color and Gloss

Spectrophotometers, Colorimeters, Colour Matching, RAL Color Charts, Gloss meters, Lighting booths, color in Liquids, Retroreflectometers and reflectometers ...

Laboratory Equipment

Weights, heaters, muffle furnaces, ovens, rugosimeters...

Neurtek, a great team

Manufacturers and Distributors of Equipment Quality Control and R&D+i

  • 40 years of experience.
  • Closeness and Global Presence.
  • Own Technical Service.
  • Showroom for demonstrations.

Quality Control Instruments made by NEURTEK.

Own Technical Service.