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Reciprocating Abraser - Model 5900

The TABER Reciprocating Abraser - Model 5900 is a test apparatus similar to the instrument described in test method ISO 1518. Ideal for flat surfaces, this tester can be configured with optional attachments to evaluate the relative resistance or susceptibility of a material surface to physical damage. Utilizing scratch styli (sold separately), the Taber Reciprocating Abraser allows you to perform single or multiple pass scratch, marring, gouging, scrape, and other similar physical damage.

The Taber Reciprocating Abraser includes a counterbalanced arm which pivots on an adjustable height gantry system.  The counterweight allows the user to balance the test arm, ensuring precise test load set-up regardless of the weight of the attachment.  Incorporated at the end of the arm is a tool holder to which optional attachments and weights may be secured.  A sliding specimen platform moves in a horizontal, reciprocating motion under the stationary tool holder.

Test parameters such as stroke length (6 - 155mm), speed (3 - 75 cycles per minute) and load (1N - 24N maximum, with included weights of 1N, 2N, 2.5N, 5N, 10N & 24N) are adjustable so optimal settings for each material can be established.

To expand test loads, an optional weight support may be affixed to the top of the tool holder.  This permits using auxiliary weight discs in place of the standard weights supplied with the instrument.  Weight discs are sold individually and available as 10g, 20g, 50g, 75g, 100g, 150g or 250g.

The standard specimen table provided with the Reciprocating Abraser is 216mm x 278mm (8.5" x 11") with drilled tapped holes to accommodate specimen clamps or optional specimen fixing plates.  To evaluate most flat specimens, specimen clamps or the optional Wide Slot Fixing Plate may be suitable.  Products with a slight contour can also be secured in place using the specimen clamps provided or a custom fixture.

The Reciprocating Abraser can accommodate two additional test arm kits (sold separately), permitting up to three tests to be performed simultaneously.


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