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Large Speedy Soil Moisture Meter

Speedy Soil Moisture Meter for roads, aggregates, sand and concrete.

The Speedy series of moisture testers combines time proven dependability of the pressure test procedure with the convenience of an electric balance.

Moisture measurement system obtains data following a simple test procedure:

  • Prepare and weigh the material sample using the electronic balance.
  • Place the sample in the Speedy vessel.
  • Add the reagent to the recess in the Speedy cap and seal the vessel.
  • Shake the Speedy to mix the reagent with the sample.
  • Read the moisture content directly from the integral gauge.

Roads and Highways

Knowledge of the moisture content of soil is crucial throughout geotechnical engineering practice. Engineers use the Speedy soil meter for field control of compacted earth embankments and and other structures and to measure the water content of soil to ensure it is within specified ranges. The Speedy moisture meter is ideal for this, being accurate, robust and simple to use.

Aggregates, Sand and Concrete

The moisture content of concrete that has been fixed freshly affects the workability, blending, segregation, strength and drying rate of the finished product. The Speedy soil moisture meter is an ideal on-site quality control tool. Moisture levels of aggregates and sand can be checked prior to use to ensure that the correct amount of water is added when mixing with cement. The moisture content of ready-mix cement concrete can also be checked, to ensure it is in specification.


When compared with other moisture measurement systems, the Speedy tester is often the most practical solution, especially when working in the field.

  • Accurate and simple to use
  • Robust and reliable
  • Portable and requires no external power source
  • Versatile - many materials can be measured over a wide moisture content range

Maintenance service and calibration

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