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Solids Moisture Analyzers

Instruments for accurate moisture measurement of solids in chemical, plastic, food, pharmacy, powder paint, paper etc. Small samples of up to 10 mg. Accuracy 10 ppm or 10 .mu.g of water.

Computrac VAPOR PRO moisture specific analyzer

A Chemical-Free Alternative to Karl Fischer Titration The Computrac® Vapor Pro® provides a GREEN, fast, easy, and cost-effective alternative to Karl Fischer titration methods. It is an ideal choice for companies that want to make quality products as efficiently as possible by saving time and money, improving dryer efficiencies and eliminating costly rework and downtime expenses. +

Moisture Analyzer Computrac Vapor Pro Fx

Moisture Analyzer Computrac Vapor Pro Fx +

Computrac MAX 4000XL Moisture | Solids Analyzer

The Computrac MAX 4000XL moisture | solids analyzer provides a method of moisture analysis by utilizing Rapid Loss-On-Drying (LOD) technology. The MAX 4000XL features a nickel chromium heating element to help with even heating. +

Moisture/Solids/Ash Analyzer Computrac MAX 5000XL

The Computrac® MAX®-5000 is the most comprehensive of the MAX®-Series instruments. Aside from moisture analysis in solids and liquids it can also be used as an ash analyzer for up to 600°C, if desired even during the same test! Features include self-cleaning oven and ashing rate control as well as connectivity to the company wide IT infrastructure. +

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