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Protimeter Hygromaster 2, moisture meter

The Protimeter HygroMaster is an easy to use hygrometer with built in data logging capability.

The Protimeter HygroMaster is an easy to use hygrometer with built in data logging capability. The HygroMaster is a hand-held instrument for taking spot measurements and for logging humidity and temperature values. Quick measurements of relative humidity, dew point, mixing ratio (grains per pound/parts per million by weight) and ambient temperature are shown on a split display at the touch of a button. Surface temperature measurements can also be measured with an optional surface temperature sensor, making this instrument especially suitable for condensation risk assessment and diagnosis.

There are many applications where moisture and temperature trend analysis is required to gain a full understanding of a situation. The HygroMaster has a data-logging mode to meet this requirement. The user sets the instrument to record measurements as required and leaves it in place for the required period of time. The memory contents are then downloaded to a PC using optional software where the logged measurements are displayed in tabular and graphical form.

Two types of humidity probes are offered for use with the HygroMaster, the Hygrostick (POL750) and the HumiStick(POL7750-2). The HygroStick in optimized for measuring humidity in the 30-100% rh range and may be used with Protimeter humidity sleeves that are used when measuring the equilibrium relative humidity of solid walls and floors. The HumiStick is a fast responding sensor with a range of 1-100% rh making it more suitable for general air quality applications, including outputs from dehumidifiers and HVAC systems.


  • All readings are displayed on a large LCD display
  • The embeddable Hygrosticks can also be used to measure the ERH value of walls and floors
  • May be used with an optional surface temperature sensor (BLD4701) when investigating dewpoint or condensation conditions
  • Available with HygroStick or HumiStick and optional data cable and software kit


The Hygromaster is a unique instrument that can be used for spot measurements of humidity and temperature and as a data logger for monitoring humidity and temperature trends. It is a versatile tool ideally suited for professionals involved in the following industries:

* Building survey/home inspection
* Dampness diagnosis in buildings
* Flooring installation
* Specialty coating applications
* Flood restoration


Referencia Description Quotation Request
PRO-HYGROMAST-H Hygromaster 2 hand held Thermo-Hygrometer With Hygrostick 30-100% RH Quotation Request
PRO-HYGROMAST-Q Hygromaster hand held Thermo-Hygrometer With Quickstick 0-100% RH Quotation Request
PRO-HYGROL-H Hygromaster Lite hand held Thermo-Hygrometer with 30-100% HR Quotation Request
PRO-HYGROL-Q Hygromaster Lite hand held Thermo-Hygrometer with quickstick 0 - 100% HR Quotation Request

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