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NCS Colours

Natural Colour System, all NCS 1950 original colours in a fan deck.

NCS - Natural Colour System is a logical colour notation system which builds on how humans see colour.

It was developed by the Scandinavian Colour Institute in 1960 and is based on studies by Hering, which reduced all visible colors to the mix of four unique colors: yellow, red, green and blue over black and white.

From color blends with each other and with the black to be increased by 10% intensity and white, 13 color scales considered an international standard since 1976 are derived.

Today the use of the range NCS color management in product development and ensuring accurate production designer paint color is known and used in architecture and interiors.

NCS Index 1950

The complete range of the 1950 NCS standard colours. For paint and product manufacturers, NCS is a vital business development tool, increasing sales while saving costs and making colour communication more effective. +

NCS Index

A fan deck containing all NCS 2050 Original colours to use as a compact library when identifying colours onsite. +