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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i


PANTONE Colorsi is the most widely used color matching system at graphic and decoration industry. A wide color charts available.

PANTONE GoeGuide / Coated

This portable fan guide is used to select, specify and communicate the 2058 solid Goe Colors. Seven colors are printed per page, each one identified by unique number along with its ink mixing formula for blending the colors, and sRGB values to enable viewing consistency across monitors and Web pages. +

PANTONE Formula Guide Solid Coated / Uncoated

The PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated set is the must-have tool for designers, printers and color decision makers for specifying and approving spot colors in graphic projects, especially logos, branded designs and packaging. Consist on two-guide set with 1341 colors. Gloss +