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ph meters

pH measurement is critical in many processes. For pH measurement we have many possibilities from simple tester-type instruments to portable or desktop instruments.

HI-98127/HI-98129 pHep4/pHep5 pH/Conductivity waterproof Tester

This lightweight, waterproof tester offers high accuracy pH and temperature measurements in a single handheld unit! The large LCD display shows both pH and temperature readings simultaneously, while a stability indicator is displayed to alert you when a stable reading has been obtained. +

HI2020-01 edge® Multiparameter pH Meter

edge laboratory pH meter delivers precision while offering simplicity and versatility in a sleek design. Your edge lab grade meter will automatically recognize each digital electrode, providing sensor type, calibration data, and serial number. Advanced pH electrode diagnostics ensure worry-free measurements. Use your multiparameter pH meter as a portable, benchtop meter, or mount it on the wall to save space. +

HI-504 Series pH/ORP Controller with Tele-Control and Sensor Check

HI-504 introduces an innovative means of pH and ORP control which enhances the entire line of process controllers engineered by HANNA®. Our 25 years of experience producing industrial controllers have enabled us to develop this series of high-performance instruments with our new tele-control technology. +

HI 9125N, Portable pH/mV Meter with Enhanced Design

The HI 9125N heavy-duty waterproof pH/mV meter has been designed with the latest microprocessor technology to provide laboratory results and accuracy under harsh industrial conditions. +

HI9811-5 Portable pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Meter

The HI9811-5 is an economical, wateproof, portable meter that measures pH, conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature (°C) with a single probe. The meter operation is simplified with dedicated buttons for measurement modes to be be displayed on the LCD and knobs for single point calibration of pH and EC/TDS. The HI9811-5 is most suitable for agricultural, greenhouse and hydroponic applications. +

HI-2221 phmeter with Calibration Check

The HI 2221 is a benchtop pH/ORP and Temperature meter that measures pH -2.00 to 16.00 range and mV in ±699.9; ± 2000 range. The accuracy is ±0.01 pH and the temperature is ±0.2 °C. The meter has a logging capability of up to 100 points. +