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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

UV PowerMAP and UV MAP Plus

El UV PowerMAP y el UV MAP Plus son avanzados sistemas de medición que pueden medir y almacenar la energía UV irradiada e información de la temperatura en un proceso de curado de una o más lámparas. El UV PowerMAP puede medir simultáneamente en 4 canales mientras que el UV MAP Plus lo hace en un solo canal.

These profiling and temperature measurement systems travel through a UV system and collect data on peak irradiance (W/cm²) and energy density (J/cm²) as well as temperature. The collected information is viewed with PowerView® software in graphic or tabular format and can be archived for historical purposes.  Profiling radiometers allow the user to “see” exactly what is happening at every instant of travel through the UV system.  The PowerMAP can collect data on 4 different bandwidths; UV MAP Plus collects data on one standard bandwidth.

Ref. Range (High power) Range (Low power) Nanometer
0501291 UVA 200 mW/cm2 a 20 W/cm2 2 mW/cm2 a 200 W/cm2 320 - 390 nm.
0501292 UVB 200 mW/cm2 a 20 W/cm2 2 mW/cm2 a 200 W/cm2 280 - 320 nm.
0501293 UVC 20 mW/cm2 a 2 W/cm2 1 mW/cm2 a 100 W/cm2 250 - 260 nm.
0501294 UVV 200 mW/cm2 a 20 W/cm2 2 mW/cm2 a 200 W/cm2 965 - 445 nm.

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