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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

CED 50 postponed to September

Mar 10, 2020

NEURTEK attends the 50th Annual Conference of the Spanish Committee for Detergents, Surfactants and Related Products (CED) to inform them of the latest developments in control equipment for the cleaning and detergency sector. New dates; Barcelona, 16 - 17th September.

The CED 50 Annual Conference will take place in Barcelona on 16 and 17th of March, where NEURTEK will attend and inform about control equipment for cleaning and detergency sector.
The new fully automated and renewed foam generation device, SITA FoamTester, will be highlighted.
It allows to control the formulations in the R+D departments and to carry out the quality control in the laboratory.
In addition, we have a wide range of equipment such as air bubble tensiometers and devices for inspection and cleanliness of surfaces using contact angle and fluorescence technologies. 
SurfaSpector, contact angle measurement for the rapid assessment of the wettability of a surface in manufacturing processes 
CleanoSpector, cleaning analysis (degreasing) of the surfaces of metal parts.
FoamTester, allows to control the foam of the formulations in the R&D departments and/or to carry out the quality control in the laboratory.

We will be pleased to welcome you and present you with all these new features.
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