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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

NEURTEK attends Paintstanbul & TURKCOAT

Mar 28, 2018

NEURTEK quality control instruments for paint and coatings at Paintistanbul & Turkcoat, the industrial meeting place for the chemical and surface treatment industries.

Istanbul hosts one of the most important fairs of the paint and coating industry with exhibitors from over 16 countries.

NEURTEK presents a wide range of equipment designed and manufactured to provide solutions for paint and coating control and testing.

Equipment for each of the processes and application of the paint.

Paint Control: viscosity cups, pycnometers, grindometers, the new automatic applicator, manual applicators such as quadrangular, baker, bird, spiral bars, contrast cards, test tubes, combs and rollers for wet thickness or resistivity meter.

Physical Paint Tests: electronic adhesion tester or cross cut adhesion tester, the new Sikkens for corrosion cutting, Persoz & König Pendulum for hardness, the pencil hardness tester, impact tester, cylindrical or conical mandrel and the filler, among others.

The internationalization of the brand is beginning to be a fact.