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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

NEURTEK, Basque quality control at world level.

Mar 28, 2022

The company is a manufacturer and distributor of quality control and R&D&I instruments for industry and technology centres and takes its products and services all over the world.

Quality control equipment makes it possible to measure, analyse and parameterise all the characteristics necessary for a product to be marketed and to comply with quality standards. "For example, for a mobile phone or an electric car to be marketed, the manufacturer has to ensure that its batteries do not explode when faced with changes in temperature or vibration", explains NEURTEK's CEO, Haritz Elexpuru.

NEURTEK Instruments has been a manufacturer and distributor of quality control and R&D instruments for industry since 1979. In its more than 40 years of experience, the company from Eibar has gone on to provide its solutions at a global level from its central office in the town in Gipuzkoa and those it has on the peninsula (Madrid, Oporto, Vigo, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville). In addition, for its products made in Euskadi, it also has an export office located in Brussels.

"We believe in personal treatment, as we are aware that each customer is different. That is why we have a network of sales representatives and technicians distributed throughout the peninsula and we have an international network of representatives in various countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Russia, Poland and Latin America", adds Haritz Elexpuru.

At each stage of product development, certain characteristics must be controlled to guarantee its quality. "Testing and measuring the different parameters is vital for this," says the CEO, "both in optimising production and in marketing the product. There are standards to meet and increasingly demanding customer expectations that NEURTEK helps to satisfy".

In addition to manufacturing, NEURTEK is a global supplier of quality control instrumentation and equipment services to a variety of industries, ranging from automotive and aerospace to coatings and research facilities, among others. "We have evolved along with the demands of industry and our customers. A natural evolution, expanding our range of products and services. We are committed to innovation and technology, improving our own products and distributing global brands recognised in the sector such as WeissTechnik, QATM, Carbolite-Gero, Defelsko, Taber, Bareiss, Sita, X-rite, Rhopoint, RAL...", says Haritz Elexpuru.

Its role is essential: quality control and R&D&I testers are applied throughout the industry, from the moment a product is designed and its characteristics and functionalities are identified, during the production process and right up to the sale of the final product. "For example, the batteries of the mobile phone or the car of yesteryear could be tested with a battery temperature and humidity ageing test in a Weiss climatic chamber", one of the brands it distributes and for which it offers official technical service. "Or to know the characteristics of the materials or their hardness with other sample preparation equipment and hardness testers. Or, so that the paint on a car doesn't peel, the viscosity, application, thickness, adherence, impact, abrasion... of the paint is measured. All of this is done with Neurtek brand equipment," says the CEO.

Neurtek is also a benchmark in colour and gloss, having been the first private company in Europe with a laboratory accredited ISO-17025 by ENAC for the calibration of colorimeters, spectrophotometers, light booths and gloss meters. "We are official representatives of the reference brands X-rite, Rhopoint and RAL charts, both for supply, installation and our own after-sales service". Neurtek also has equipment for material analysis and preparation of metallographic samples, and is a calibration laboratory accredited by ENAC UNE EN ISO-17025 for temperature and humidity, optics for colour, gloss and illumination and, from 2021, also viscosity.

One of Neurtek's added values is quality, innovation and experience, according to Haritz Elexpuru: "We are committed to quality and innovation in all the products we manufacture and distribute. We participate in various Hazitek programmes, as well as in internationalisation programmes such as Zabaldu. In addition, we participate in innovation projects together with clients in a continuous search for improvement, as in Innobideak".

In the future, Neurtek plans to continue to focus on maintenance, repair and assistance services using the latest technologies thanks to the recently created company NEURTEK Services. "For its part, Neurtek Instruments continues to focus on the export of products designed and manufactured in the Basque Country thanks to the opening of its export office in Brussels". Finally, the company is involved in several online measurement projects in production, in relation to Industry 4.0.

The promotion of international projects of Basque companies is one of the objectives pursued by the SPRI Group, which through Basque Trade and Investment, the Basque Internationalisation Agency, integrates all its resources and support such as Elkartu, Gauzatu or the BEINT and Global Training Grants into a one-stop shop.

Source: Grupo Spri / Noticial / 24 March, 2022 / Internationalisation