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New adherence cross cut tester NK2000

Mar 05, 2018

NEURTEK launches the new designed cross cut tester.

New design in the NK2000 Cross Cut Tester.

Ergonomic handle design with inclined position improves grip and cuts with less force.

Oscillating head: corrects small irregularities of the surface and compensates the natural rotation of the hand, allowing to make the six cuts indicated in the standard in one step.

The user will be able to hold the handle with the blade in the correct position, according to the angle specified in the cross cut adhesion test standards ASTM D3359 and ISO 2409.

Available 1, 2, 3 mm step blades with 6 cuts and 11 cut blade for special applications.

Specific adhesion tapes to comply with ISO 2409 standard or Volkswagen, Renault, Ford and General Motors ones.

Learn how to use the new cross cut tester NK2000 in this video.


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