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New Adhesion Tester with 3D technology

Jul 25, 2017

With ergonomic design handle, improving both, adaptability for curved surfaces and usability.

In the last edition of the European Coating Show NEURTEK introduced the new adhesion tester, designed with 3D printing technology, also known as additive manufacturing.

Highlights the ergonomic design of the new Cross Cut Tester handle.
Improving both surface adaptability for curved surfaces and usability.

The user will be able to hold the handle with the blade in the correct position, according to the angle specified in the cross cut adhesion test standards ASTM D3359 and ISO 2409.

We also improve safety and ease of blade change.

Available with 1, 2, 3 and 4 step blades for a range of coating thickness from 0 to> 250 microns, and 1 mm x 11 blades for special applications.

In addition, the specific adhesion tapes to comply with ISO 2409 standard or Volkswagen, Renault, Ford and General Motors.

In the electronic pull-off adhesion tester KN-10 stands out the new lightweight case making use of 3D printing technology with an innovative design in a corporative red colour.

Accurate and versatile adhesion testers which provides a numerical value for adhesion strength.
It measures the adhesion bond strength of applied coatings with ease and precision.
Range of 5 to 1000 Kgf. Resolution of 1 Kgf.

We have different sizes of adhesion test dollies for each application such as paint coatings, galvanic layers and construction materials.

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