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The NEW PosiTector Gage Body

Mar 22, 2021

Simple. Durable. Accurate. Versatile. Powerful.

For over 40 years, paint and coatings professionals have relied on PosiTector as the Simple, Durable, Accurate, Versatile, and Powerful solution for their inspection needs. This week, we will focus on Powerful—features that enhance the compatibility and connectivity of the PosiTector gage body.


  • Backwards Compatible Interchangeability
    Featuring the award-winning complete probe interchangeability that set the previous model apart, the new gage body is backwards compatible with every PosiTector probe manufactured since 2012. 
  • Auto rotating display Flip LockÇ
    Auto rotating display with Flip Lock to prevent unintended rotations.

  • Instant-On
    Instant-on feature powers up the gage in a fraction of a second if recently powered down.

  • Screen Capture
    The new PosiTector gage body stores up to 100 screen captures in memory.


  • Onscreen Statistics
    Continually displays/updates average, standard deviation, min/max, and number of readings while measuring.

  • Live Graphing of Measurement Data
    (Advanced models only)

  • Longer Battery Life
    Up to 30% longer battery life.


  • Included Long Form Certificate of Calibration
    A long form Certificate of Calibration containing actual measurements is included with every gage. 

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