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Viscosity Flow Cup ZAHN

Inmersion cup for the simple and practical measuring of the viscosity of paints, inks, lacquers and other liquids.

Manufactured in chromed seel in 5 models (5 to 180 centistokes).

The measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed in seconds (s) flow time, which can be converted to Centistokes (cSt) if the Standard stipulates a conversion method.


Referencia Description Quotation Request
0201806 Viscosity flow Cup ZHAN 1 Quotation Request
0201805 Viscosity flow Cup ZHAN 2 Quotation Request
0201803 Viscosity flow Cup ZHAN 3 Quotation Request
0201801 Viscosity flow Cup ZHAN 4 Quotation Request
0201802 Viscosity flow Cup ZHAN 5 Quotation Request



ASTM 4212-93.

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