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Impact tester for paint

Impact test of paint coatings applied to metal base. ISO, DIN, ASTM.

The Impact Tester is used for measuring the resistance of coatings to impact. Thanks to it you can simulate the production of cracks and peeling, resistance to shocks, the flexibility, adherence and elongation of coatings.

If you have a standard to comply with, just place the mass at the indicated height and release it. Then, check visually for possible cracks. 

To check the resistance of a coating, you can continue testing by gradually increasing the height until the mass produces cracks on the sample.

The Impact Tester comes with a support base, ruled tube and an impact mass equipped with a holding device according to the required standard - (for specific accessories, see table on the datasheet).

All the information avaiable on the datasheet.


Referencia Description Quotation Request
0304020 Impact tester for Coatings according to UNE-EN-ISO 6272-1 / DIN55669 Quotation Request
0304030 Impact tester for Coatings according to UNE EN ISO 6272-2 Quotation Request
0304040 Impact tester for Coatings according to ASTM D-2794 Quotation Request
0305300 Enamel impact Tester UNE EN 10209 (Anexo C) Quotation Request
0304100 Road Marking Impact Tester (MELC 13.05/B/C) UNE EN 12466-1 Punch ø 50 ± 0,5mm. and weight 510 ± 1 gr. Quotation Request
0304025 Stop ring collar and sample clamp for weight release Quotation Request
0304110 vertical signposting impact tester Quotation Request


UNE EN ISO 6272-1; 6272-2; 10209-C; 135331; DIN 55669; ASTM D2794;

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