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Stainless Steel Pycnometer

This Pycnometer is a stainless steel precision instrument to determine the specific weight of paints and similar products.

Its consists of a vessel and a overflow in order to fix the exact volume.

It is available in two capacities: 50 or 100 cc, with or without tare for balanced measurements.

1.-Determine the weight of a clean flask in grams. As an alternative the flask can be provided with an exact tare weight to be used with laboratory scales.

2.-Remove the top and fill the container at 1/10 inches from the edge with the material that is going to be tested.

3.-Put the top back on carefully in order to expel air and excess material through the ventilation hole.

4.-Rub the top clean to eliminate excess material and reweigh. By subtracting the original weight of the flask, the weight of the content can be determined. If tare weight is used at the beginning, the scale will indicate the weight of the content.

5.-Clean thoroughly immediately after using.


Referencia Description Quotation Request
0237001 Stainless steel Pycnometer 100 c.c. Quotation Request
0236950 Stainless steel Pycnometer 50 c.c. Quotation Request


UNE EN ISO 2811, ASTM 1475.

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