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Grit Feeder

Designed to evaluate the resistance of floor surface coatings to abrasion


TheGrit Feeder is used to evaluate three-body abrasion caused by the destructive action of fine, hard particles. Originally designed to evaluate the resistance of floor surface coatings to abrasion, this instrument distributes a consistent flow of aluminum oxide grit onto a specimen surface before it passes under a pair of leather-clad wheels. The grit particles serve as the abradant and aids in the rolling action that contributes to the materials breakdown.


Referencia Description Quotation Request
TA-980503-1 Grit feeder (115V, 50/60 Hz) Quotation Request
TA-980503-2 Grit feeder adjustable (115V, 50/60 Hz) Quotation Request
TA-121086 S-41 # 240 Aluminum Oxide Grit, 50 lb Quotation Request
TA-132991 Quotation Request
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