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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

Environmental meters

Anemometer, light meter, sound meter, CO2 meter...

Anemometer / Psychrometer 840034

This unique instrument combines the features of an anemometer and a psychrometer. Air Speed, Air Volume, BTU (British Thermal Units), Air Temperature, Dew Point, Wet Bulb, Humidity. +

Anemometer SD Card Logger - 850023

Records data onto removable SD Cards. +

Hot Wire Anemometer SD Card Logger - 850024

Hot Wire Anemometer SD Card Logger. +

Mini Environmental Quality Meter - 850025,26,27

Monitor up to 12 environmental parameters with one tiny instrument. +

Anemometer / Thermometer 840003

Reliable air speed measurement at a reasonable price +

Mini Environmental Quality Meter 850070

Own the equivalent of 5 meters for about the price of any one of them. Air Speed, Air Temperature, RH, Light, Thermocouple Temperature. +

Visible Light SD Card Logger 850007

Visible Light SD Card Logger. +

Pocket Light Meter 840010 / 840011

Tiny light meter is less than ¾” thick, weighing less than 120 g and is easily carried in a shirt pocket. The controls, display and sensor are all neatly contained and protected within the folding case with directions printed right inside the cover. +

Mini Soundmeter 850014

It is small and light enough to be carried in your shirt pocket. Choose from fast or slow time weightings, min/max readings and A or C decibel frequency weighting scales. All of these settings are simultaneously displayed on a large 1¼” backlit display. +

Sound Level Pen

The smallest and lightest, sound meter in the world. +

Graphic Display Sound Meter 840028

Graphic Display Sound Meter with advanced features. +

Digital Type 2 Sound Meter 840029

Digital Type 2 Sound Meter, all the standard features. Perfect for testing for OSHA requirements. +

Detachable Probe Sound Meter 840012

Enables remote sound level readings. +

Advanced Datalogging Sound Meter 850013

A single dynamic 30 to 130 db range sound meter. +

Acoustical Calibrator 850016

For calibration sound level meter with 1” or ½” microphone. +

Microwave Meter 840046

Measure the electro-magnetic field radiation intensity that is produced from welding equipment, microwave oven leakage, and other environmental safety concerns. +

Electro Magnetic Field - EMF meter 840045

Measures electro magnetic field emissions from electrical power lines and transmission equipment, computer, HVAC, audio/video, and other electrical appliances and equipment. +

Digital Radiation Meter 840024

Small and light enough to go anywhere, yet sensitive enough to detect minuscule amounts of gamma, beta or X-rays. +

Telaire CO2 air monitors

The Telaire 7000 Series hand held indoor air quality monitors feature our patented absorption infrared technology. Accurately measures CO2 and temperature while calculating real-time ventilation rates. The Telaire 7000 Series also offers data logging and RH data gathering capabilities when purchased with available accessories. Product kits include a power adapter, however, the unit may be operated up to 80 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included). +