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Telaire CO2 air monitors

The Telaire 7000 Series hand held indoor air quality monitors feature our patented absorption infrared technology. Accurately measures CO2 and temperature while calculating real-time ventilation rates. The Telaire 7000 Series also offers data logging and RH data gathering capabilities when purchased with available accessories. Product kits include a power adapter, however, the unit may be operated up to 80 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included).

  • Patented dual beam, Absorption Infrared™ gas sensor ensures long term stability and durability.
  • Large, easy to read display. Temperature displayed in °F or °C. CO2 displayed in ppm. Easily adjusted for altitude changes.
  • Fast, simple calibration using external port and display. Calibrate with ambient air or bottled gas.
  • Calibrate, set elevation, change °F or °C using on-board controls or optional computer interface (UIP Kit model 2072)
  • Flip out stand for desktop monitoring. Voltage output via RJ45 connector provides easy interface to most dataloggers.
  • Plug in AC power adaptor.
  • Operates for up to 80 hours on 4 AA alkaline batteries. (not included).
  • Displays cfm-per-person ventilation rate based on CO2 inside outside differential reading.


Equipped with Telaire's patented dual beam Absorption Infrared™ technology, the Telaire® 7000 Series product line is comprised of easy-to use CO2/temperature monitors designed for use in residential or commercial applications. The 7000 series offers the capability to display CO2 readings and calculate outside air ventilation rates in cfm/person. The handhelds are an ideal tool for: identifying energy saving opportunities in over-ventilated spaces, determining if air quality complaints are due to insufficient ventilation, or locating the presence of combustion fumes generated from vehicles and appliances. If you wish to record CO2 concentration for further analysis, we offer CO2 View™ software that allows you to log concentrations directly to a PC. For remote monitoring, we offer a Datalogging Kit that easily attaches to the back of the 7001.

  • Identify areas with low or substandard ventilation
  • Identify hidden energy savings in overventilated spaces.
  • Determine if ventilation is a factor in air quality complaints.
  • Locate the presence of combustion fumes
  • Use as a reference to calibrate wall mounted CO2 sensors


Maintenance service and calibration

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