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NKG Glossmeters

NKG gloss meter is designed to meet the measurement criteria for most gloss measuring applications.

The NKG gloss meter is designed to meet the measurement criteria for most gloss measuring applications.
Small, lightweight and durable the instrument can be used in the most demanding environments. The high specifications, including statistical analysis, graphical analysis and software-free PC down load facility make it the ideal choice for general gloss measurements.  

Single 60º or Trigloss 20/60/85º versions are for maximum accuracy and resolution in all gloss applications like paint and coatings, powder industry, automotive, furniture etc.


- Fast measurement, on-board statistics with graphical trend analysis and reporting.
- Automatic calibration with tile validation
- Date and time stamped results
- Easy Batching - User definable batch names and batch sizes for quicker and more efficient reporting
- Software-free data transfer
- Direct data input via Bluetooth - Instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as Microsoft Excel
- Auto-ranging, Measures Matt to Mirror Finish
- Compatible with all major international standards
-Extended two year warranty
- Calibrate to any standard
- Lifetime lightsource guarantee

Technical Specifications

Versions available:

  • 20º Improved accuracy and resolution on high gloss & metallic samples (>70GU when measured at 60°)
  • 60º Universal angle – all gloss levels
  • 85º Improved resolution for matt finishes (<10GU when measured at 60°)

Resolution 0.1GU
Repeatability 0.2GU
Reproducibility 0.5GU

Measurement range:

  • 20º: 0-2000GU
  • 60º: 0-1000GU
  • 85º: 0-199GU


Referencia Description Quotation Request
RHO-NK60 NK 60º glossmeter Quotation Request
RHO-NK206085 Tri gloss meter NK 20/60/85º Quotation Request



ISO 2813, ISO 7668, ASTM D523, ASTM D2457, DIN 67530, JIS 8741

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