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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i


Oct 02, 2017

At the great meeting of the chemical industry, surfaces, plastics and rubbers that will take place in Barcelona from the 2th to the 6th of October NEURTEK will present the latest innovations in instruments for quality control.

NEURTEK take part at Expoquímia as an exhibitor and supplier quality control instruments.

A wide range of innovative instruments to measure parameters such as color, gloss, adhesion, temperature, humidity, thickness ... essential on a finished product.

We are committed to R & D and the latest technology to improve measurement equipment.

NEURTEK as a manufacturer will present its own line of quality control instruments for  painting and coatings. Outstanding viscosity cups, manual and automatic applicators, thickness gauges, cupping testers, mandrills, impactometers etc.

As distributor of leading international brands of quality control equipments:

  • X-rite Color quality control instruments
  • Rhopoint Gloss-meters.
  • Color cards RAL, Pantone, Munsell
  • Defelsko  Inspection instruments, CoatingThickness, Surface profile, Environmental...
  • ...

NEURTEK also participate in EUROCAR Congress with a conference on "Quality control in coating line".